Trip Planning Mini-Guide


Trip Planning Mini-Guide


Plan your next trip like a pro with this FREE Trip Planning Mini-Guide! Here's 4 pages of checklists and things to do to prepare you for your next international trip.  Based on my years of planning and organizing trips for hundred of people. Exclusive to the Home with a View.

PDF Format. 

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The Travel, Organized Trip Planning Mini-Guide will Show You:

  • 8 Things You Might Need to Buy Before Your Trip

  • The 1 item You Use Daily That You Shouldn't Pack

  • The Insider Trick to Prevent Using Unsafe Water

  • Tips on How to Pack Just What You Need

  • How to Know if Your Bag Will Fit Under the Seat

  • The Carry-On Item That You Will Use Every Day of Your Trip

  • The Perfect Weight for Your Checked Bag

  • The Phone Number You Want on Your Luggage Tag (and it's not what you think!)