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This section - Travel, Organized - was born after the 9 years I spent organizing and coaching first-time travelers to go millions of miles around the world to dozens of countries. Those years taught me that there is no silly question or information not worth sharing.  I'm the type that believes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  

All travelers have a common goal:  They want an AWESOME trip! I'm here to help you plan that awesome trip.

I've found the secret to a successful global trip is a proven trip plan to TRAVEL ORGANIZED.

My TRIP PLANNING resources will get you moving step by step until you get on the plane and give you the questions to ask, that you don't know to ask.

I've combined the years of planning into a simple, easy to use system for you as a first time global traveler.  Check out my Trip Planning Timelines to see it in action.  

I've included some of the best info I have for planning an international trip!  Keep scrolling down to learn more! 

These days, instead of planning international travel for others, we spend our days renovating over at The Home with a View or possibly enjoying a quiet moment, taking in the views.  

Bon Voyage -